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Sunday, April 30, 2006

the first tussilago showed up in nyland today
Saturday, April 29, 2006
i was out partying all night yesterday, with friends and colleagues from work. there were about 80 of us to begin with, and i was among the 4 to 10 last to leave (to be honest i wanted to leave much earlier, but i was staying over at a friend's, and couldn't really leave before she did). i only slept about 4 hours tonight, and my feet hurt from all the high-heel-walking and dancing yesterday. but i'm quite proud of myself for having walked in high heels almost 12 hours! and wearing a skirt, at the same time! i felt like mary poppins, though...

when the club closed 4 of us went out to eat. out of the other three one was very very drunk, another was quite drunk, and the third is crazy by nature (probably a bit drunk too). this resulted in very interesting conversations.
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
i went shopping after work today, and i tried out a new strategy: a more offensive kind of shopping. instead of my normal vacillating shopping style i decided to buy the first skirt i saw in the first shop i entered. the new strategy seemed to work, when i left sollefteå i had bought a skirt, a blouse, my first pair of high-heeled shoes (tommy says i walk like a man in them... i'm going to ask a friend/colleague for a lesson in high-heel-walking. when you're 30 you should be able to walk in high heels...), slippers for work (my very funny and much loved striped clown slippers have more holes than soles now...) and a pair of striped socks. i'm quite satisfied with the result.
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
recent spring signs:
* yesterday i saw one of those funny little black and white birds who sound like plastic whistles, and only stay for a short while
* lots of cranes walking around in the fields
* lots of tussilago in sollefteå. they haven't started growing in nyland yet, though
* not much snow left
* the ice is darkening
* there's a springy smell in the air (a mixture of horse shit, mud, dirty water, and probably lots of other things)
* i'm feeling happier. i went for a walk at lunch yesterday, and one minute i felt like laughing and jumping around, the other i felt like laying down on the ground and cry, and the next i felt happy again

i don't know how i survived without my bathtub, by the way :) it's now (finally) properly installed. and the poor plants in the window have moved to the kitchen, to give room for lots of candles. now i'm thinking of painting the walls... i could live in the bathroom, and never ever come out of there :)
Sunday, April 23, 2006
the husband and the landlord are working in the bathroom. taking apart the shower, so that we can finally get the bathtub properly installed. he has had a busy day, my husband. washing and vacuum cleaning the cars, changing a lightbulb on the toyota, carried the tumble drier to an empty apartment (we never use it anyway, and it's quite big and ugly) and now he is unscrewing the walls in the little shower room. he is sweet when he is being a handy man :)
Saturday, April 22, 2006
i have spent much of the afternoon in the sun, and now i have so many freckles my face is almost completely hidden under them. i watched tommy change tyres on the saab. i hope he felt masculine and strong doing it all by himself, letting his weak little wife enjoy the sun... after a while i had to go in and vacuum clean, do the dishes and water the plants, to take care of my bad conciense for being so lazy and un-helpful.

there was an advertisment in the newspaper today. a man looking for a girl he had met 1958. i wonder if he finds her... and why he decided to look for her, almost 50 years later... maybe they were lovers, and he hasn't been able to stop thinking of her.
Thursday, April 20, 2006
today's mood: irritated.

it started yesterday, but was peaking this morning. maybe i should have stayed in bed... to make it a bit better i had pancakes for dinner, and chips and coca cola for desert. and then i spent the evening under a blanket, watching a meaningless little film, with a hot water bottle on my stomach, complaining every once in a while (so that tommy wouldn't be able to forget that today sucks).

a colleague and i walked to the city and bought ice cream. i saw it as an experiment, to see if i would make me less irritated. i dropped my ice cream, so i was all sticky and ice creamy. on our way there it was raining, and on the way back it was hailing... but it was nice for a short little while, and it was the smell of spring in the air.
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
i've had spring-feelings for the first time! it happened when i was walking from ica to konsum in långsele, to see if they had any orange juice (ica was out of it). just outside the entrance it smelled of wet asphalt and dust, and i realised that there's actually supposed to be a summer this year too.

other spring signs:
on our way to work this morning we saw a storspov, and a fat bird was flying clumsily over the fields. on our way home several others had joined him, and there were big fat white birds all over one of the fields. and the field next to the one with the fatties was filled with cranes. there were also 3 roe deers in the field, and we decided that they count as spring signs too (almost everything counts as a spring sign this time of the year, except for snow).

galdor has a girlfriend! or maybe boyfriend, we haven't been introduced to her/him yet. but whatever it is, it's black/grey, slim and long haired. they mostly sit on stones and look at each other. very sweet. i'm going to invite them for tea and cookies soon.

i forgot to mention that we stopped to say hello to a friend of tommy's on our way home yesterday. he had recently been in a snow-mobile accident, and injured his back and broken a few bones. he couldn't drive, sleep or really do anything, but apart from that he was allright as long as he didn't have to laugh. when we came he had just had to stop reading a home page, because it was too funny.
Monday, April 17, 2006
we're home, after an easter weekend in jörn (and some other places). what happened:
*friday: got up early, as i couldn't sleep. left for jörn. stopped in umeå, as tommy had to visit the university for a while. i stayed in the car with the cats, my mp3-player and a wonderfully horrible little book (it's really really nice reading good books in cars, especially when it's raining heavily). tommy gave me a kinder egg, as it was our third anniversary. had dinner in jörn, some kind of salmon-fish that my parents in law had caught themselves. afterwards we had the best coffee i can remember i've ever had.

*saturday: went for a dog-less walk. an old woman came over for dinner. she talked a lot, and told us that her husband was a success in stockholm (he had very nice clothes). went to visit tommy's parents' neighbours, where the "children" (about tommy's age) were also home for easter.

*sunday: church service in jörn. the sun was shining, and we had coffee on the terrace. went to skellefteå.

visited a department store, to buy things we need for the bathtub. as we all know i'm a bad shopper, and i was bored after 15 minutes and just wanted to grab the nearest things, pay for them and leave. so when tommy's father suggested we go to another store, to compare products and prices, i nearly fainted. i was irritaded and bored, tommy was whining and seemed to wish he hadn't given me the bathtub, and the father in law was trying to figure out wich faucet would be the best for us. afterwards i felt sorry for my mother in law, who had to spend time with us... after what seemed like ages we had finally agreed on what to buy (i think my bad temper might have had a lot to do with the result...), and could leave.

went to a restaurant in the middle of the slalom slope. had easter lunch/dinner together with tommys brother, the girlfriend and the two children. met our niece ida for the first time. she looked like a normal baby, and wasn't very much fun at all. after lunch/dinner we went to the brother's home. the nephew oskar is a very nice little person. he likes building little houses of pillows or blankets or stuffed animals or whatever he can find. he also likes having secrets, and whisper quietly in your ear. i didn't understand everything he said, and he didn't understand everything i said, but we had a nice time anyway.

*monday: i stayed home when the others went to another church service in jörn. when they got home we left for a service out in the woods somewhere (one service a day is more than enough for me). we were taken by snow mobiles to get there. the service was in a big cot, with a big fire in the middle. an old couple were singing, and they sounded like a black and white movie. when the service was over we had lunch that was cooked in muurikas, and coffee that was cooked over the fire in the cot. the parents in law bathed in an outdoor "bathtub" with hot water. we left while they were in the bath. when we phoned to tell them we were home they said they had also bathed in a hole in the ice... i would have sticked to the hot bathtub.

and now we're finally home. i saw another couple of cold black birds in the opening in the ice. and it smelled like horse shit when we got out of the car. and very much snow has melted since we left. maybe spring will come this year too, after all.
Thursday, April 13, 2006

my third day as bathtub owner. i don't understand how i survived without one. look how cute he is (he is much cuter in real life)! today i had to get up after only 40 minutes, though... i think i'm catching a cold, and in combination with very hot water and no cold coca cola i nearly fainted. had to take a very cold shower afterwards, and i still feel like my skin is boiling and my legs won't carry me. much better than freezing, though. and i think it's fun to be able to feel my heart beats in my fingers :)
Wednesday, April 12, 2006
i've had so much ice cream i feel sick. i will have to remember not to fill the new big bowls to the edge next time...
Tuesday, April 11, 2006
today i had my very first bath in my very own bathtub! it was delivered when we were at work, so when we came home it was waiting for us outside the garage. it's a sweet and chubby little tub, with chubby little legs. i love it!

i nearly had an overdose, though. even though i'm aware that i'm not in great bathing condition, and that i can't take as hot water as i used to when i was bathing every day, i always tend to overdo it whenever i get the chance to use a bathtub nowadays. and as one of the best parts of a bath is when you get in it, i refuse to get in when there's enough empty space in the tub to fill it up with colder water if necessary. so, in great pain i got in the tub with boiling hot water, with a good book, a glass of cold orange juice, a chocolate bar, a burning candle and a pillow to rest my head against. and stayed there for 1,5 hours. now i'm red, can't feel my feet and my face feels too small. a great feeling! i love my bathtub! with a bathtub in the house it's impossible to ever be unhappy again :)
Sunday, April 09, 2006
yesterday tommy suggested we buy a bookcase to the bedroom. my first reaction: panic. i don't want to buy bookcases. i can see the point, the one in the living room is so full there's not even room to squeese in a post card in it. but somehow it feels like buying a bookcase would mean settling down, and i don't want that. it feels important not to be settled down... i feel like buying a bookcase would mean we would have to buy a proper bed, and bedside tables, and a lamp. ant that's just the bedroom! after that we would have to buy a proper sofa, and a living room table, and lamps, and bookcases, and armchairs, and a kitchen table and chairs, and maybe even rugs... but then i realised we can probably find a bookcase in the second hand shop in långsele, where the weird people work, and no one ever seems to shop. that wouldn't be too bad.

poor tommy, i wonder if he knew he married a mad-woman?
Saturday, April 08, 2006
galdor found another really springy spring sign today: a fly. he ate it.
went "after working" with some colleagues* yesterday. we had dinner, and went bowling, and just talked. i stink at bowling. i think i've said that before... i think it's because i'm a bad looser. as soon as i realise i'm not winning (doesn't really matter in what), i stop trying and think it's boring.

after having had a little too much to drink (or maybe just enough?:), one of the colleagues became sentimental and said "i look at you, and think that "these are my colleagues"", almost with tears in her eyes. she looked very sweet and happy when she said it, and i (think i) know exactly what she meant (as i was looking at her, and thought that "she is my colleague", feeling sentimental and loving :)

i slept in a sofa at work (for the second time this week). went to sleep much later than i had thought (i blame a friend/colleague and a colleague for that). had tea with another colleague who was also staying over at work, and got to know a lot about her life outside working hours. it's fun that people get so talkative (and friendly) after a few drinks. woke up much earlier than planned. found out i had managed to break the sofa, and had to spend 20 minutes to get it together again (i'm too stubborn to ask anyone for help, as some of you might know).

today i have a headache. but only a small one, and only in half the head. i think it's come out of too little sleep, rather than too much to drink. does it still count as a hang over?

on my way home today i saw two of the black and white childish looking birds in the open water under the first bridge. they looked very cold and depressed, but i'm going to count them as the first spring sign anyway. water birds are spring signs, even if they are cold and not very spring looking.

*and some colleagues/friends, and some friends/colleagues
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
stupid stupid stupid!!!

i came here (to work) at 8 am as usual this morning. and not until i opened the door did i remember that i don't start working until 1 pm today... i could have stayed in bed with my wonderful new and expensive pillow, instead of going here. i'm going to be upset over this for days! and i'm working till 10 pm tonight. and tommy went home (with the car) several hours ago. stuuuupid me! i'm thinking about staying here tonight, and sleep in a sofa. otherwise tommy will have to come and get me tonight, and it will be late, and i'll be angry and irritated, and i'm not going to be very nice company. so maybe it's better to stay here and be angry alone?
Monday, April 03, 2006
total cat makeover

we took the big brave galdor cat to the cat doctor in sundsvall today, to have his bad tooth removed. we had to leave him there 8 am, and weren't allowed to get him until 4 pm. everything went well though, and the vet said he was a very nice and polite cat. he is now high on drugs and full of dried blood, but hopefully he'll soon be ok again.

while the brave cat was at the hospital tommy and i went shopping. i'm not very good at that, but i'm doing my best. the little teo cat was home alone for the first time in his life.
Saturday, April 01, 2006
addition to the previous post: the friend/colleague i was staying with tonight has a very sweet and loving family. i wish they could adopt me (and tommy and the cats)...
yesterday a friend/colleague and i were celebrated by a few other friends/colleagues after work. together we are now 70 years old. we had dinner at a nice restaurant, and as we are now so old we went home early instead of partying all night. i stayed with a friend/colleague, as we were both working today.

we both woke up earlier than planned, and had time to sit and chat and gossip for a while before going to work (i'm not a good gossiper! even though we didn't say anything mean i'm feeling quite bad about having talked about others like that... ). as it was time to get dressed my friend/colleague sighed "i wish i could stay in my pyjamas all day" (i'm not the only pyjamas-al-day-person in the world, you know :). so we decided to make today a pyjamas-at-work-day. we didn't have time to tell the others, so we were the only ones who knew (i tried to warn the bestes colleague/friend, but he probably thought it was a joke). so today i've been working in a pink silk pyjamas.
i'm erika, and this is my own little blog. i'm married to tommy, and we have two cats named galdor and kala bhalu, a puppy dog named sasoh and a few chicks. we also have five angels: love, arne, anton, bob and teo.

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