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Saturday, July 30, 2005
sunshine, outdoor concert, midnight coffee on a parking place and angels dancing on the lake. can a day be much better than that?
Wednesday, July 27, 2005
i love my little garden! (i really *am* turning into a grown-up!!)

i love being able to pick a lettuce leaf or some radishes to put on my sandwich in the mornings. i very seldom *do*, but i love being *able* to. and i love seeing how big the rhubarbs have grown. i hate eating them, but they are beautiful to look at. and no garden is a real garden without rhubarbs. and i love my little rose bush for having survived, and even blossomed. i love it's tiny little leaves and i loved the smell of it's tiny little flowers. and i love the funny flowers that shoot their seeds all over the place. they are now growing everywhere, and i love them for it. they are also much higher than last year, which is another reason for loving them. last summer there were 4 different kinds of flowers in the original "garden" (i.e. the big wooden box tommy's brother gave me), but this year the funny flowers that shoot their seed all over the place have taken over the entire box, and only a small lily has survived). i love the little lily for having survived. and i love the colour of it's flowers. and i love the aloe veras from france and spain for surviving not only the transport all the way to sweden and several years in my care (or rather lack of care), but also the extreme heat and sun and lack of water during the first weeks of this summer and the extremely extrem rainfalls of this spring that have come back again now. and i love the smell of the dill when i touch it. and i love the onions for growing, even though i thought they were dead (and even though i really really hate the taste of onions).and i love the geraniums for surviving, and even flowering, under extreme conditions. and i love the rallar roses, simply for being rallar roses. if i've forgotten to mention anyone: i love them too.
things seem to be breaking down around me lately.

* the other day on my way home from work the oil lamp was lit in the saab when i was braking. it turned off again after a few seconds, but since then it's been lit every time i brake at that particular place. i've tried braking hard at other places, and the lamp has only been lit once, but right before the turn to långsele it's always bright red for a few seconds... spooky. i hope. i much prefer a spooky explanation than a logical explanation when it comes to cars and red lamps.

* yesterday the computer system we use at work broke down completely for several hours. we had to make notes in word and try to do as much as possible today instead.

* this morning i found a message from tommy on my mobile phone. apparently he'd been trying to phone me all night yesterday, and i hadn't heard a single signal. when i came to think about it i haven't used the phone once since i came home saturday, and noone has phoned here. so when i came home from work i looked at them, and they were all dead. i pulled the outlets a few times, as there's really not much to do with a dead phone i guess... there are no buttons to press or anything. after a while the reserve phone started working, and one of the wireless works for a while and then it cuts off. weird. but it's been very nice not having any phone calls the entire week. i don't like phones very much.

* just now the washing machine started making funny (or maybe un-funny would be more correct) sounds. and there's a small puddle of pale blue water growing under it. that's not good, i guess?

* i'm slightly broken myself, after a marathon phone call. i talked to a friend that i've been meaning to call for ages but never gotten around to. i talked til the wireless died, and then i called back on the reserve phone. so now my elbows hurt (from having been bent for so long, holding the phone) and my ears are feeling fuzzy (from the loud background sound in the reserve phone. it's so loud it's not really a background sound at all, it's the talking that becomes the background).
i'm chatting with my smallest little sister who got a webcam today. she's sooo cute when she's typing!
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
rainy days

i've noticed there's often a lot of bird talk in the trees when it's raining. when i went out for a walk just now it was so loud i couldn't even think. it's the small ones that seem to have a lot to talk about during this kind of weather. the ones that don't make any noice at all when the weather is fine. i wonder why? and what they are discussing? maybe they are all whiners who enjoy complaining about the weather? or maybe little birds like getting rained on, and talk out of excitement? or maybe they just seize the opportunity to relax and see each other instead of working, with whatever it is litle birds work with (eating worms and having babies, i guess?).

bob and i seize the opportunity to relax (both of us), watch tv (mostly me, i guess. there's nothing to watch though, which makes it a bit less nice), chew on bones (bob), eat cheese balls (me), drink tea (me), make the covers of the sofa into little indian-tents (bob), chat with the sister (me), sigh (both of us), yawn (both of us), sleep (mostly bob), let the cats in and out(me).

i have no idea what the cats do during rainy days... i only see them when they want to eat, and they only have time to do that a few seconds. so whatever they do it seems to be interesting. at the cottage they turned into mass destruction machines. one morning we found 7 dead lemmings under the trailer, and 5 more sprinkled all over the place :( i hope they didn't take the male ones, cause apparetly only a fourth (or something like that) of the lemmings are male... maybe they'll cause the entire lemming population to die!
Sunday, July 24, 2005
back to work

today was my first working day after the vacations. i've had lots of sun. almost unbeliavbly much. it didn't feel like sweden. and i've had very little bathing. only once... i don't know what happened, but somehow i've turned into a badkruka.

on our last trip to the cottage i cleaned the floor of the outhouse with grumme gulsåpa. as i'm a barefoot person i think the feeling of a floor is just as important as it's looks. and såpa is the best way to treat a floor to give it a nice barefoot feeling.

we also made a trip to visit tommy's brother and his family. their son oskar called me "daddy" :) he's a sweet child, even though his teeth are too big.
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
just a short report:
*i'm still alive
*i'm no longer white with red moskito marks; now i'm a healthy shade of yellow/orange. my brown pigment doesn't seem to work...
*we've spent the last week at my parents' in tierp
*it's less than a week left of my vacation
*we're going to the cottage today, to inaugurate the outhouse
*i stick at basket!
*it's my namnsdag today
*i'm good at "water war" (which is much more useful than being good at basket)
*ungen and i turned petter's chevrolet into a police car
*petter fixed the horn at the saab
*the summer is back to normal (i.e. rain, cold, grey)
*i've only had one outdoor bath this year. another growing up sign?
Sunday, July 10, 2005
we went to an outdoor-theater today. the play was called "the believes of time hits man - a play about the evil of man", and was about the witch-hunting 300 years ago. apparently 68 women and 3 men were killed in 1674, not far from where we're looking at a house, and the play was based on the confession of an old man who, when he was 9 years old, accused a girl he was in love with of being a witch.

i don't think the title was right, though. i don't think man is evil. we are probably just really really stupid and easily scared. maybe the terrorist-hunting today is a bit like the witch-hunting was then.
Saturday, July 09, 2005

as last time i experienced summer was two years ago (last summer doesn't count, it was too grey and cold) i had forgotten what it was like (i have a very short weather memory. now i can't remember what winter is like. ... i can't even remember what a cold and grey summer is like...). we've had warm, sunny beautiful weather ever since my last day at work last week. i had expected to become a beautiful healthy shade of brown. instead i look more or less like a reversed salami..: i've got big red moskito bites all over my white body. i'm so pale i'm almost transparent. i guess my body is so unaccustomed to sun it doesn't know how to react to it.
i'm erika, and this is my own little blog. i'm married to tommy, and we have two cats named galdor and kala bhalu, a puppy dog named sasoh and a few chicks. we also have five angels: love, arne, anton, bob and teo.

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