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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
a big fly just flew *out* through the open window! how clever of him! im so proud :)
i'm a horrible horrible person (i never seem to learn this, and get frightened everytime i notice it)! the man who's interested in buying this house is really really sweet! he came by again today, and i invited him in if he wanted another look. he still wants the forest cut down, but apart from that he seems great. and he really seems to love this place. he came here just to get used to what it feels like. now he's standing watching the view. i'm *so* going to miss the view...

the down payment has now been made! not too late either! i'll have to learn not to get so upset next time... things usually work themselves out in the end :)
Monday, June 26, 2006
i'm sorry i said such mean things about the people who came to look at our house... the man came back later tonight. he started by complaining about the woods, and asking about who owned it and wondering if it was possible to have it cut down. MY forest!! i seriously considered throwing howell's statistical methods for psychology at him. but then he became quite nice. saying that this was just what he was looking for. and that the woods was the only negative thing about the place. i mean, the woods pretty much *is* the place, but still... it sounded nice that he had only found one negative thing about it.

i love the man we're buying the house from! he just called, as he had seen i'd been trying to call him earlier. i was really nervous about talking to him, because i think it's so embarrasing to say that the money hasn't been transferred yet (we have until tomorrow, so i'm not too late yet). and the bank thing sounds too stupid to be real, so i was afraid he wouldn't believe me. but he didn't really seem to bother. he just wanted to hear if we could come and see them this weekend, to see if they could leave some of their furniture or if we want them to throw it away. and he has such a cute accent. and he seems so know everything. and he looks just like the mon chi chi dolls i had when i was a kid. i wish he wouldn't move... we could keep him in the basement.

i didn't like the people who came to look at the house. they smoked. and were from stockholm (and i'm very prejudiced against people from stockholm). and they didn't close the door when they came in. and they were ugly. and too short. and had a new car. they wouldn't fit in here at all.

...or maybe they'd be perfect here... people are quite weird in this place of the world :)

i've had some food (hot dogs and coca cola), and complained about the bank (which i still hate) to jm so much he had to go to bed, so now i'm feeling a bit better. but not much. and my stomach aches, so i can't go for a run... i guess i'll have to find something to hit really hard...
the lake is upset today. i don't know why, cause it's not very windy. i'm upset too. i do know why, though. mainly it's because of the bank. we're (supposed to) make the down payment on the house tomorrow. and i've called the bank twice to get the money transferred to the right account. earlier today they assured me that all was now fixed. but is it? nooooo! stupid bank... and they stop answering the phone at 18, and it was 18.01 when i called them from home... stuuuuupid bank. the other reason why i'm upset is that i haven't eaten since lunch. our landlord told me that someone is coming to look at the house today (someone who's interested in buying it), and asked if they could come in and have a look if they wanted. and it feels weird to eat when there are people looking around. so i decided to wait with the eating. and they haven't come yet. and they were supposed to come at 17. stuuuupid people!

a nice thing though, is that there seems to be baby birds in the tree that's half dead/ half alive in the neighbour's garden. there are small hungry sounds coming from somewhere up there.
Sunday, June 25, 2006

everyone should have an aspen outside their bedroom! they seem to be constructed to be outside-bedroom-trees... this is ours. i love listening to the sounds the leaves make when they shake in the wind. and somehow their nervous waving is calming to watch when i can't sleep. i don't think we'll have an aspen outside our new bedroom, but i've taken lots (!) of photos of this one. maybe i can keep them in an album on my bedside table, so i can remember it on sleepless nights to come...
Saturday, June 24, 2006
we've got a digital camera! i've uploaded some pictures to flickr, so now you can all see how beautiful our present home is (and how sweet the little cat that didn't have time to run away is)... i also scanned a couple of photos from the zorbing.
Monday, June 19, 2006
what have we done?! we just bought a house...
Monday, June 12, 2006
after work today we went to have a look at this house. not just peeking through the windows or driving by, but for real. with an estate agent. and we were given papers. and shaking hands. and standing with our hands behind our backs, swaying on our heels, saying "hmmm".

i haven't really decided what i thought about it yet. i liked the sun! ...but that might not always be there. and i didn't like the tiny bathrooms (i'd have to have my bathtub in the cellar). i liked the woods surrounding it. and i liked the fact that it's close to work. and somehow i liked the garden. the house was just ok, though. i'd never even have looked at it if it hadn't been for the view and the location. if there had been a house like that here in nyland i'd have thought it was a disgrace.

yesterday we had dinner at my colleague's restaurant, and went to see the davinci code at my colleague's cinema.
Saturday, June 10, 2006
the husband and i went zorbing in döviken today! it was SO much fun! i'm now officially a zorbonaut :) (see below)

after the zorbing we went to see the "dead water fall" in ragunda. to be honest not very much to see... just a couple of rocks that used to be under water 200 years ago... and extremely many green shiny bugs! but it was warm and sunny (summer arrived today), and we had a nice picknick. after the picknick we went for a walk to the river.

on our way home we also stopped to have a look at these houses and a bathing place.

a good beginning of the summer!

Friday, June 09, 2006
after a short tragic moment with a stolen bike, that turned out not to be stolen, only looked for in the wrong place, the pyjamas party just ended happily. the film was slow and boring (or maybe we just weren't concentrating enough to see the beauty of it), but the food was nice, i will remember the chocolate cake for the rest of my life (or at least the rest of this week... i don't have very good memory), we had lots of candy and coca cola, i like wearing pyjamas, we gossiped and chatted and the cats behaved. all in all, a nice party :)

before the pyjamas party we went trail running in the woods in graninge. on the way there we competed in who was in the worst shape (after the running i'm ashamed to confess i was the winner :(. the man handing out the maps asked what distance we wanted to run. he suggested 16, which i interpreted as "16 as in 1600 metres", but which meant "16 as in 16 km". we settled for a slightly shorter distance than that...
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
when i was a child i was convinced i had discovered a technique for breathing under water. i don't remember when or why i stopped using it, but i've never been able to do it again... i tried in the bathtub today, and nearly drowned...
Monday, June 05, 2006
at first i was slightly depressed. then i had a look at theese little ones. and another. and another. i wonder how they came up with that idea... i'm glad they did though, cause they made me happier :) (the fun begins after the first 10 seconds)
Saturday, June 03, 2006
the cows were let out today! doesn't feel a bit like summer, though...

but a look at this ugly little creature cheered me up a lot :)

tommy just left, for a week at the cottage. so i'm going to be home alone an entire week. somehow it feels like i'm a teenager, with my parents going away for a week (not that i know how that feels, as my parents never go away, and i've got millions of sisters and brothers, so even if they did go away i was never home alone). i'm looking forward to being alone, drinking coca cola every day and only eating food that tommy doesn't even consider as food :)

yesterday (or yesternight) when we were just about to go to bed (teeth were brushed, pyjamas was on) we decided to go house looking. first we drove by this one, just because it was on the way. there's no way of saying this without being rude, but you just have to have a look at the kitchen of that house! it might not be the ugliest kitchen in the world, but it has to be among the top ten...

then we went to see this one, which was the real goal for the trip. i can inform you that i'm no longer in love with the house we went to see the other day (i just like it), i'm now completely in love with this new one. it was quite small, but just the kind of house i like: beautiful windows, and old looking.
lots of other great things: big garden, no neighbours (except a big sawmill... which might not be the funnest neighbour... i guess there are horrible sounds coming from there when they are working...), close to a lake, a pile of big stones (which i immediately felt is just what i need). unfortunately there were a few not-so-great things as well: the sawmill? (i don't know enought about sawmills to decide whether this is a great or an un-great thing), faaaar from work, and worst of all; they had put an ugly cement square on top of the beautiful stone at the back of the garden! the stone is ruined for ever. how could anyone do anything so stupid??
Thursday, June 01, 2006
today's nice things:

* lunch with a friend/colleague: hot dog and coca cola. and the new white + dark daim for desert

* left work 2 hours earlier than scheduled (okeyed by the boss)

* had a haircut. really needed it. i said, as i (almost) always do: you can do whatever you like, i don't care. normally the result is that it looks exactly the same, only a few centimetres shorter. this time she cut off half of it :) she seemed to enjoy it, and it was fun watching her cut off long strands of hair. she seemed pleased with the result, and as she's the professional i hope she was right.

* had (my very first) capuccino and cake at the "youth cafe" with another friend/colleague (i don't know if it's officially a youth cafe, but the friend/colleagues daughter had said it was. we figured we are both quite youth-ish, so it should be ok)

* the husband and i went to look at a few more houses:
- first this one. it was ok.
- then this one. i didn't really like the way it looks (windows are important), but the owners had sent us a couple of more photos, and i thought i might be able to live with the ugly windows. but it turned out the side facing the road was extremely ugly, so it wasn't even worth slowing down.
- i fell in love with the third house before i'd even seen it, just by looking at the path leading up to it. it was perfect. not at all the kind of house i'm interested in, but somehow it was perfect. i'm not going to tell you which one it is, because you'd all fall in love with it and someone might buy it so i can't get it and then i'd be sad and heart broken and never ever be able to be happy again. probably. but i'll blog a photo once we've bought it :)

* the sun is shining

today's bad thing:

* we have no water. at all. and i need a shower. and tommy does too.
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