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Saturday, March 29, 2008
just got back from an interesting doggy walk, with deer tracking and doggy girls dancing in the fields and snow in the shoes.

now i'm going to get the freshly painted ugly bedside table from the outhouse. i finally got around to hanging up the lovely absolutely wonderful sweet springy curtains in the bedroom the other day, and decided to move the bed so that they would show better, which made it necessary to move the chest and everything else in the bedroom, which means the husband's present beautiful bedside table is too big. so he'll have to get the ugly one for a while, until i find something better.
Friday, March 28, 2008



apparently there is no limit to how stupid you can get! even the sweetest and nicest and kindest t got upset today. i hope they realise how serious it is to get scolded by the t! i bet they don't. GGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
i'm 42% svensson! isn't that quite a lot...? i will have to stop watching the melodifestivalen again! and paint the ford blue :)

svensson-test, stolen from nettan and translated into swenglish by me:

Your family name ends in -son : nope
You know someone with the same given name as you: nope. but i used to have a fake cousin whose name was big erika (i was little erika)
You know someone (who is not a relative) with the same family name as you: nope. i know there are a few, though.
You are two children in your family: nope, five.
You live in a "villa": i think so... is there a difference between a villa and a house? i live in a house, and it's white, and it has a garden, and we own it, and i love it.
You live in a tätort: yes
Your parents are between 35-50: nope. but they have been.
You have your own cell phone: yup, and it's pink
Your parents are married: yup
Your mother is younger than your father, but only 7 months: nope. she's 9 years younger
Your father's name is Lars: nope
Your mother's name is Anna: nope
Your family owns a volvo: nope. ford
Your family has a silver-grey or a red car: yup
You have Internet acces at home: yup
You have your own room: nope, but i'm working on it
You have been abroad at least twice: yup
You have been to Mallorca/the Canary islands: yes, but only a few days to get married
You have been to Greece: yup, on a cruise
You have been to Öland at least twice: nope, never even close
You have been on a caravanning holiday at least twice: nope, never (at least not that i remember, maybe when i was a baby...?)
Your family has a caravan: nope
Neither of your parents smoke: the father does sometimes
Your father is slightly over weight: i don't know what the normal weight is, but maybe slightly?
You practise sports several times a week: nope
You have pets: yup
You get a monthly allowance: yes, they call it wages
Most members of your family have blue eyes: yep
You follow the Melodifestival: i did this year! don't think i missed a single show

Multiply the numer of yes's by 3 to see how much of a Svensson you are
Thursday, March 27, 2008
the kitchen sofa is finally back in the kitchen. it's been standing in the outhouse for so long it had probably started thinking it belonged there. but now it's back! and it does look a little bit better with the new paint on. and it's going to get a new cover too (even though that's a bit sad, cause the present one has been there since the grandparents' time).

Wednesday, March 26, 2008
apparently my grandmother just died... there was nothing wrong with her (as far as i've been told), she just said "i want my piano" and then she died. sounds weird. but a bit cool too. since you have to die anyway you might as well do it in a cool and weird way. but i feel sorry for the granddad... and the uncle who was there visiting her. what a shock!

a friend's grandmother also died suddenly today. i wonder if this is a good day for dying...?
Tuesday, March 25, 2008
my easter:

on a skiing trip with the parents-in-law, the husband and the pup.

in a pulka with the nephew and the niece.

by the way: the nephew had (almost) turned into a little monster! i guess you're supposed to not want your pup say f*k off to little boys, but i must admit i was glad when he did. he is sweet and cool and fun of course, but so loud and never still and doesn't listen to what you say at all (at least if what you say is: take it easy be still don't run don't jump on the dog i don't want to wrestle anymore please go away keep quiet be still). i want to borrow him to go to the adventure pool in ö-vik though, i'm sure that would be a better environment for him! or a zoo. or an amusement park. when he gets just a liiittle bit older i will see if i can rent him sometimes :)

the niece on the other hand had turned from a boring baby into a little angel (i guess the nephew turning into a monster can have something to do with having a sweet and loving little sister :). she was cool and didn't let people tell her what to do. when they were saying grace she refused to fold her hands. not in a loud and screaming baby-way, but by turning her face into a wrinkled potato and staring with angry eyes at anyone who tried to convince her to do what they said. you go girl! (and don't listen to your brother, who claims that boys are stronger than girls! :)

on an outdoor church service somewhere in nowhere. it was cold, but the sun was shining and we got meat-balls. it was a day full of new experiences for the pup. he now knows what reindeer hides taste like, that people with sunglasses are just a little bit more scary than people without sunglasses and that when people fry enormous amounts of meat-balls on a gigantic muurikka in the woods the chances are they drop quite a few on the ground for the dog. he refused to accept half naked people running barefoot in the snow between one hot water tub and another as being normal, though.

today is waffle day!
Monday, March 24, 2008
i'm home! and i'm cold and i'm tired and i need a shower.
waiting for the husband and the mother-in-law to go for a walk. "in a minute", they've said the last hour and a half :) apparently they are very busy. the in-laws are forcing the husband to take his stuff with him to his own home instead of keeping it in theirs. i hadn't realised how much stuff they were talking about... he even has toys here, from when he was a kid! and clothes, and books, and magazines, and records and cd:s and god knows what! seems like half the stuff in this house belongs to my husband. it's cool in a way, but i also find it a bit weird. like a husband museum... doesn't he ever throw anything away? i do wish i had kept some of my stuff too... not this much, though...!

here they come. off we go!
Sunday, March 23, 2008
i'm home alone (with the pup and the cats). the others are in a church somewhere. i like it when it's still and quiet like this. noise that i'm not used to somehow seem to be louder... when i first met the in-laws i used to think they were a very loud family. then i realised they are probably no louder than my own, they just produce different kinds of noise.

the pup and i just went for a sun-shiny walk in the woods. this is how winters should be! lots of snow, around 10 degrees below freezing, and sunshine. great! the nephew and niece are coming here after church. i'm not nervous anymore, though. i've seen recent pictures of them, and they both look just like when i last saw them. can't have turned into monsterns, then :)
Saturday, March 22, 2008
we're at the parents-in-law. the husband and his father are watching a film, the mother-in-law is preparing tomorrow's dinner (i will probably never become that ambitious about food!), the teo cat is making himself pretty, the galdor cat is probably hiding somewhere and the pup and i just got back in from a short but cold walk. now we're geting back to bed, to continue going through the mother-in-law's magazines (i've learned about flowers and seeds and hens and eggs and easter so far today :) earlier today we went skiing. the pup enjoyed it a lot. the husband will have to continue skiing with him when we get back home!
Friday, March 21, 2008
bye bye. we're leaving now
Thursday, March 20, 2008
what a good worker i am! but now it's easter and i'm not going to work a second (or at least not more than maybe 30-40 seconds).

we're going to the parents in law to see the brother in law and his family. maybe the pup will get to try skiing for the first time. apparently we haven't seen the nephew and niece since last summer. was it really that long? i'm a bit worried about that, actually. isn't the nephew that age when they get more and more ugly and loud and rough? and he loves me. which was fine as long as he was little and cute... (i'm a horrible, horrible person! i know. i'm sorry! i'm going to love being the favourite aunt again when he gets a little older though, and we can do real things, like playing in the snow and watch cartoons and eat candy)
everyone else has left. does that mean i'm the only one with "no life"?
Monday, March 17, 2008
gaaah! so much to do! and almost no time to do it... i have pictures to find, texts to write, walls to build, files to find, a cardboardperson to build, people to call and so much more. and it all has to be done before tomorrow... and these are just the extras, then there's the real work too, that has to be finished in two weeks. it was really, really bad timing being sick last week! i hope they don't think i did it on purpose... i mean, what are the odds that i get sick the same week as my colleagues are fired and we have more than ever to do...? they must think i'm faking it...
Sunday, March 16, 2008
woho! the sofa is done! in a few days it will be welcome back into the kitchen! and the cheap ugly blocket bed is now finally transformed into a still quite ugly our bed. next project: turning the enormous (huge, gigantic) table into a working place.

and the sun has been shining today. and i'm feeling so much better! i had started to think it was normal to be extremely tired, but these last two days i haven't felt like crying and/or sleeping all day. finally! and the pup and i have been for sighthound walks with the sloughi ladies again. great! the only place i like coffee is in the i's kitchen.

the teo cat fell asleep in a flower pot in the sun in the window. he's cute, the little devil.

Saturday, March 15, 2008
the baby is not a baby anymore. he now knows how to make babies!! i think it's a bit early. even though i'm sure he'd be a great father. his babies would have the cleanest little baby ears...

i got back to painting the kitchen sofa again today, after a looong break. i wonder if i'm ever going to finish it... it seems like it only needs another layer of paint here and there now, though. i'm looking forward to taking it back in again! it's really an ugly sofa. and tons of paint hasn't made it much more beautiful. but it has brought us closer. that's the good thing about painting things. when i have finally finished painting the stupid thing i've become so fond of it it doesn't matter it's ugly. i'm going to love this sofa for as long as i live :) and it used to belong to my grand parents. and it was my student-kitchen-sofa, when most of my furniture came from other people's waste. which adds to the affection. i guess the sisters will never get that special bond to an ugly student-kitchen-sofa... the sister who's 9 years younger than me bought her first real sofa millions of years before i did...
Thursday, March 13, 2008
i am feeling better and better. today was the first day in ages that i felt thirsty for coca cola. a good sign! i even went to work a few hours. the nice friendly colleague from the big capital had sent me a chocolate bar by snail mail! now i'm going back to sleep again.
Tuesday, March 11, 2008
i want doctor house to take care of me!!!
Sunday, March 09, 2008
i think we're still alive. but only barely. i don't think i've ever been so sick in my entire life... i woke up from the coma today, but now everything hurts. i can't even drink coca cola!
Wednesday, March 05, 2008
something strange:
the husband has a cold, and is facing a slow and painful death. he talks in a weak little baby voice and he keeps his eyes slightly shut and he walks with old-man-steps and i even think his back is slightly arched. on my way home from work this afternoon he asked in a barely audible voice if i could buy him orange juice (the one you need when you are slowly dying from a cold). and then he said, in an even weaker voice, "i think i have a fever". poor little thing! judging by the looks and sounds he will be dead before weekend.

here's the weird thing: when my husband is miserable and dying from a cold i think he is being silly (in a sweet and cute little way of course, but still silly). and i think it's so typical that he turns into a baby when he has a sore throat. but. now i have a sore throat too, and i am dying (of course, as you do from sore throats). and i'm not being silly at all! isn't it a bit odd that my husband is being a silly little baby whenever he gets a cold, while i am actually dying for real?

the problem is: the husband is asleep (even in his sleep he manages to wrinkle his forehead in a pitiful way, the little fake!), so i have noone to see how miserable i am. that's so unfair! i think i'm going to wake him up, so i can show him how miserable i am.
Monday, March 03, 2008
my life is 67% perfect, according to a facebook quiz. i wonder what needs to be done to make it a 100% perfect?
Sunday, March 02, 2008
the last week the pup has "rested" a foot a lot, and the night between friday and saturday he was worried and restless and couldn't find a good sleeping position. and saturday he was limping and seemed to be in pain. "growing pains", said the fantastic i when i called and cancelled the sighthound walks. i consulted the computer, who agreed. the j too. i didn't even know dogs could get that. but he is growing a lot. poor little pup. i remember how painful it was...

you know i don't trust pain killers? i think it's humbug. noone has been able to convince me that a white little pill can take away the pain (i didn't even trust the indian pills with the colour "orange sunset"). but of course we had to give it a try. the poor innocent little baby pup was tired and sad and lay trembling in his bed, sobbing little baby sobs.

a while after he had half a white little bogus pill he relaxed, rolled over to his teenager-version of the sighthound sleep with legs stretched out all over the place and heavy pleased breathing. it worked! and he didn't even know he was getting a pill, so it couldn't have been the placebo-thingy kicking in. cool...

he is better today. we're going to the vet next week, to have a look. unfortunately i'm one of those people who can really see the logic in "it's growing pains", but still feel in my stomach that "it's cancer in the bones and he is going to die"...
the galdor cat has had a busy morning refurnishing the house. the parents in law are staying over, and doors that are not normaly closed are now closed. closed doors really upset the galdor cat. i guess it has something with feng shui and the flow of energies to do. he also dislikes our way of placing water bowls. we tend to put them in corners, but apparently the best place for a water bowl is in a doorway. after rearranging things back to the way they should be (during loud complaints), he jumped really hard on my stomach to make sure i was wide awake, and then he went to sleep on the windowsill.
Saturday, March 01, 2008
i think the poor pup's bones are growing :(
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