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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The pup at the majkase
i'm digging in the garden. this is clearly what i'm supposed to do with my life! i've planted three pink flowers, and moved around lots of other plants that are not pink enough. and the sun is shining. and the neighbours are not at home. can it be better than this?
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
i'm back home from a quick visit to the royal capital of stockholm.

sunday the husband and i went lure coursing with the pup at the i's. he was good. of course. then i went to the tiny airport, and had to throw my toothpaste away to be allowed on the tiny plane. the little old lady behind me was allowed to bring a big glass vase. that was nice of them.

met the c and was invited in for tea and biscuits and cheese and delicious potatoes. went to a tiny brownish bar with cool people who hugged each other and had a beer. fortunately the c knocked over my beer in my lap, so i only had to drink half of it.

took the subway to the r's office to go to bed. i had to change subway three times. and i think i managed to bump into every stockholmian who was out that night. they seem to have a special system for walking down there... me and a little old lady who had been to holland to look at flowers got off at the same stop. she lived across the street from the office. i don't know if i had survived this trip without all the nice little old ladies!

yesterday the r and the h came to work and had coffe while i had breakfast. nice. but early. then i went to class. nice people, good food, but not very instructive course. had a head ache (the first real one since the oil in the head in indialand). sneaked away from the dinner together with a group who was leaving early to drive to borlänge or something. watched a sweet film with pale blue wet suits at the c's.

the head ache is still there today, so instead of working a few hours before going back home i slept late and went to åhlens to buy a new tube of the sweet smelling britney spears cream, and then i sat down to talk to a little old lady at the t-central. and then i got on the train and went home.

the pup has stayed with the i and the girls while i've been away, so he is really really tired and pleased now. the husband seems to have been quiet while i've been away, because he is talking and talking about weird things. and tonight is doctor house. life is SO great! ...except for the head ache.
Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fika by the i in the sun
the pup and i went to a doggy show with the i and two sloughis yesterday. the pup got to meet his mother and two of his brothers. the sweet little mother was so glad (or shocked?) to see him she turned into a crawling little baby and peed on the floor. the brothers acted more cool, they greeted each other with man kisses on the cheeks.

the showing went fine. the pup started by giving the judge a long hug and kissed her all over the face and cleaned her ears. the judge was happily surprised and talked finnish with him for a long time. and she said he had the best personality of them all :)
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not very long ago this dusty monster was a clean pup. Then spring came. I love spring!
Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunshine, pic nic, no(t much) work, sister home from school. Life is still great
Sunday, April 20, 2008

This is a dog of champion quality. And the sun is shining. And we've just shared a hamburger. Life is great
Thursday, April 17, 2008
i am preparing for a road trip with the girls. i'm looking forward to a weekend with the a-b and the pups, even though the trip will end with the grandmother's funeral and a long journey home alone in a train.
Tuesday, April 15, 2008
today the real spring finally came. most of the snow melted away, there are tussilagosar everywhere and the air smells of shit and mud and dirt. it was really about time, too! i've been so tired and bored and mad recently i've just wanted to cry.

from today on i'm officially the best looking girl at work. well ok, i'm the only girl at work...
Monday, April 14, 2008
spring signs! spring signs! i've seen both videkissar and tussilagosar today! and there are tiny green-yellowish things growing in the flower beds! i looooove spring!

We've been married five years today
Sunday, April 13, 2008
right now life is great: the husband and the pup just went out in the snowstorm to go and get the car from the other side of the city, while i'm in the sofa, under the biggest warmest blanket with the new sweet cool laptop in my lap, the cats sleeping and purring all around me, coca cola on the table, chocolate truffles within reach, the tv is on so i just have to find the right button to press if i want to watch a film, the big exciting book is right beside me and i have millions of pillows in case i decide to sleep. can it be better than this?
the last girl and the pup's girlfriends just left, so the girly night is now officially over. the pup is a bit sad, and totally exhausted. the cats are relieved and tired. i'm just tired. i learned that:
* yellow makeup is cool.
* glitter and gold is not just for teenagers.
* i have way too few girly nights! discussing whether male actors are beautiful or not, making each other up while drinking wine and watching tv and gossiping and giggling and eating chocolate cake is so much fun. especially when your usual relation with people means discussing the best way to kill a bear, comparing how many dead animals you have in the fridge and constantly insulting each other (instead of saying how much you like each other). boy-nights are fun too, but it's nice with the change now and then :)
* i am both too old and too young to go out clubbing in sollefteå. i wonder what other people my age do? take care of their families?

and the husband has fixed the new tiny laptop, so today i can stay in the sofa all day

We don't get in, the bar is full. In sollefteå. And the police is here carrying out people. Cool
Saturday, April 12, 2008

We've come to the part when it's time to make each other beautiful. I love girly nights!
one girl is here, so girly night can begin!

and the pup has two girlfriends over, so he is having the date of his life :)
Friday, April 11, 2008
my eyes are tired. is that normal? the entire me is tired, but especially the eyes. i think i'll have to go and rest them for a while.

tomorrow will be girls' night here at solbacken. the only boys allowed are the pup and the cats. but the pup is going to have a date with his girlfriend, and the cats will probably hide somewhere to keep away from the gossiping.
Wednesday, April 09, 2008
the famous ugly blocket bed with several layers of paint

now i hate our ticket booking system too. or at least strongly dislike. i'm trying to book at ticket between sollefteå and stockholm, and i have checked with the airport that they do have a flight that day and there are seats available. but our stupid program can't even find the airport... maybe it's too much snow... and i missed the coffee break. and i have millions of blueprints left to find in the total mess. but i'm slightly less irritated than yesterday, which is good.
Tuesday, April 08, 2008
my mood right now: BAD!!!!!!!!

i hate:
the snow
F-bet numbers
any other number i could think of
blueprint-pdfs that someone has saved upside down
files and lists and numbers that someone has saved in the wrong order and with the wrong names and in the wrong place
and everything else in the whole wide word!

i don't want to do this! it's boring and stupid and i can't see the point and this is not what i spent millions of hours studying for and this doesn't make me a nice calm sweet caring person and i'm sure something in my brain is going to burst soon and i will turn into a monster. i should have become a florist! I HATE THIS! and the stupid f*cking irritating program shuts down all the time. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!
Monday, April 07, 2008
nooooo! it's snow everywhere! will my little yellow flowers survive this? and my shoes? and i? this doesn't feel like spring at all!
it was snowing when i got up this morning :(

but the electrician and the n came to install the lamps in the bathroom. and the r gave me a fun bird lesson at the cofee break. he tought me who comes first and how they find their homes and who fights with whom and who finally wins and that they have fleas and how to kill a bird flea and now i'm itching all over. i guess i'm a fleaofobic. when i get home from work today i'll have light in the bathroom and i'm going to see if anyone has moved into the birdy houses. and hopefully the snow will have melted away.
Sunday, April 06, 2008
i've been good and springy and housewifeish again today! it started with a springy muddy walk along the river with the i and the dogs. then i had three mugs (!) of coffee and homemade buns in the i's kitchen (even the pup got homemade doggy-biscuits!).

when i came home i found a blue crocus and a few more of the weird yellow flowers. i'm SO proud of them all. they're my babies!

then i started the housewifeing business. i shortened the springy curtains in the dining room and the bedroom, put a new cover on the kitchen sofa. cleaned one of the bedroom windows for ages (i hate cleaning windows, but it was full of puppy snot) and put up a very clever plastic thingy that looks like flowers in pots on the windowsill. very sweet and clever little thing i found when we went shoping in sundsvall yesterday. (of course i had to rush it and didn't measure the window correctly so i cut the plastic film 1 cm too short. attans!)

and the sun has been (more or less) shining the entire day. i LOVE spring.

but i just heard that we're getting 20 cm of snow tomorrow... i refuse to believe it!
Saturday, April 05, 2008

I planted this! Life is great!
Thursday, April 03, 2008
oh no! i fell asleep on the sofa and slept for hours (i think). i guess i will get a lot of reading done tonight, then.

or i can lie awake thinking about the sweet little yellow crocuses between the hedge and the mountains of snow that are quickly melting and transforming our slope to a waterfall. they are the first crocuses i've seen this year (and i've been walking around different neighbourhoods spying for spring flowers for several days now).
KROKUSAAAAAR!!! we have krokusar!!!
Tuesday, April 01, 2008
spring is by far my favourite season of the year. and today it came! the air was warmish, the sun was shining, the snow was melting, the cats could feel the springy smell (it was too early for me to feel it, though), the pup found a dead mouse that had been buried under the snow, i bought springy pots and planted the kitchen plants in them and got dirt and dead leaves all over the kitchen that i cleaned very very hard and very very long the other day (cleaning a kitchen when you're a germ-o-phobic is not fun, i can tell you. and if you are also a rag-o-phobic you nead a LOT of toilet paper. and cleaning the oven with toilet paper is not very easy at all, and nothing i could recommend).

i started getting springy feelings a while ago, and somehow it has made me do housewifeish things like putting up springy curtains and rearranging the furniture and yesterday i even took out the sewing machine from the closet and started working on the luxurious library curtain. i would be such i good housewife, if i would only get the chanse!
suddenly (around noon today) the spring decided to come to sollefteå :)
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